groovin’ to the music ep.9

5 min readMar 22, 2023
groovin’ to the music ep.9

a music series spotlighting talented seasoned & emerging artist perfect for any playlist.

Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. Its ability to touch so many people makes it one of the most loved forms of art.

People love music for different reasons, but one of the most common reasons is that music helps people escape from reality. With so many different genres of music to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a soothing melody to help you relax or a catchy tune to get you pumped up, there’s a music genre for you. Plus, with so many different streaming services available, there’s always something new to listen to.

Whether you’re a fan of old-school rock or hip-hop, there’s a music genre for you. So why not give it a try?

mysoundMusic has chosen a few artist, for you to discover, that we find to be very talented and simply just love their music…..


- Indie Pop / Pop Alternative

OUTCYCLE is a project led by two child-hood friends from Paris. Created in 2022 the band started a challenge of producing a song per month for a year, FILL ME UP is the song n°6 of this challenge. The aim through the productions and lyrics is for the songs to be easy to listen to while remaining a though-provoking aspect.

FILL ME UP talks about all the struggles of growing up and letting our younger self behind, remembering that living simple moments is what keeps us young. fill our brains with memories

- mysoundMusic ROCKS! — open.playlist

- The Fisherman & The Sea

- indie rock, singer-songwriter

The Fisherman & The Sea surprise their fans with the unannounced first cut from their upcoming album Be More Boldly You.

Rolling like a freight train from start to finish the song Stranglehold sounds like Foo Fighters with AC/DC’s Angus Young on lead gutar covering one of Tom Petty’s hits.

Recorded on a sea fortress outside Helsinki by Mauri Syrjälä in the same studio The National recorded new tracks during their stay in Finland at and sonically perfected by twice Grammy nominated mastering engineer Svante Forsbäck (Rammstein, Ville Valo), the band have spared no expense to sound their absolute best on the upcoming record. ”

Stranglehold is about escapism, leaving the past behind, freeing yourself of that stranglehold, be it the town you grew up in, a relationship or simply turning a new page in your life.

While I was writing the song I had a chat with Emppu who now plays guitar for The Rasmus and together we lamented the fact there were no more songs with electric guitars let alone guitar solos being played on the radio. And later while I listened to one of Toto’s earlier records I marvelled over how they incorporated synths into their rock sound — so on this song there’s both a guitar and a synth solo! And it’s still only four minutes long!” singer-songwriter Jon Fisherman reminisces.

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- Tony Marino

- Jazz, Latin Jazz, World Music

2023 ushers in 3 new albums from Tony Marino. Original Piano Pieces (Jan 9, 2023) featuring 16 tracks in total, which include remixes, originals and more; Low Keyed (Jan 18, 2023) dedicated to all the people who keep their cool and maintain peace under any circumstance; and World Music Blues (Jan 27, 2023) with ten compositions that are based on chord progressions typically used in the blues but vary from major and minor key signatures, different time signatures and music genres from around the world.

Samba Blues is a samba written in the key of F Major and is one of ten songs from World Music Blues. All Songs from the album are based on chord progressions typically used in the blues but vary from major and minor key signatures, different time signatures and music genres from around the world.

- mysoundMusic Around the World — open.spotify

- Jordan Bakewell

- R&B

Jordan Bakewell is an established BBC Music Introducing artist from Leicester.

He is heavily influenced by R&B, Pop & Soul. He has also managed to surpass over 130,000 streams collectively on Spotify now.

With You (feat. Thir13een) is a great Chill R&B track that will give you hints of Craig David Vibes!

- R&B, Soul, World Musicopen.playlist

- Don Pasquale Ferone

- christian, gospel, indie

Don Pasquale Ferone is an Italian Christian-inspired singer-songwriter.

The piece of music: La forza dello Spirito, is an unplugged piece of Christian inspiration.

- Inspirational, Meditative or Uplifting … open.playlist

- John Keenan

- Hip Hop, Pop

Hip Hop, Pop artist John Keenan and singer Samantha Dalton team up on All Those Games from the recently released Mind of a Madman II.

- BaeBee BaeBee pop music — open.playlist

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