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A new, beautiful lo-fi style, classic R&B song, with dark vocals and lush harmonies.

In development for 2 years, part of the upcoming collaboration album — The OriShlez Project, featuring Grammy winning artists.

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  • meadowhip
  • Featured Song: Am I Broken
  • Genre: pop-R&B, alt-pop, indie R&B

Am I Broken is a quippy reflection on being “the problematic one” in a relationship.

It grooves seductively with hypnotic bass, audacious keys, and lo-fi/hip hop inspired beats. Powered by alt-pop and R&B hooks and meadowhip’s emotive vocals, the track is supported by layers of luscious, airy harmonies and punctuated with 1940's-inspired trumpet played by Sydney’s Tommy Gun.

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Yolanda Portillo presents her new single and video clip “Breathe”. After two years covering boleros with a filin sound, she returns to compose making a shocking song.

Breathe sounds like it has been ours for a long time. He tells us about very hidden feelings that today he wants to come to light. Freedom and hope dance a beautiful waltz that will not leave us indifferent. As she is always supported by her producer Iñaki Quijano, Luca Germini and Josete Ordóñez with whom she forms a great team.

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Tony Marino has dedicated his new album “Cold Pizza” to his family and friends who have showed kindness to him over his lifetime.

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Brandon James is a Chicago based powerhouse vocalist that is not only sultry but grips you with waves of raw emotions featuring a contemporary soul and R&B Pop sound.

Exposing you to tingles of both Stevie Wonder & John Legend, he leaves his own mark with unforgettable performances where he’s opened up for countless iconic acts including Earth Wind & Fire.

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Start It Up is the first single from the artist’s new EP, produced by the Brazilian production duo SailorGang.

Start It Up sets the tone for the 4-track R&B/hip-hop party. This single hits us with the exciting thrill of anticipation in our minds before going on a date with someone you want so, so bad.

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An American Rapper, Vocalist, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Composer.

This song brings truth, rawness, & authenticity. Bouncing beat, paired with lyrics to life experiences.

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30 Ave Founder and CEO of 2BIGG Entertainment

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